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Ladies who you use domperidone a few ?s...

I am thinking about getting domperidone and wanted to ask a few questions. I saw a post a while back about where you all get it but I wanted to ask a few questions about it...

Did you talk to your doctor/ get an rx for it before you got the domperidone? What is your schedule for taking it?

If you didn't get an rx for it and you order it online, did you still talk with you doctor about it?

Thanks ladies!

I have a super low supply and have to use formula, I can not pump more than 5ml per session and little one won't go to the breast. I do try at least once a day to give her the option though. I really appreciate you answering my questions!!! 

Re: Ladies who you use domperidone a few ?s...

  • I did talk to my midwife and our pedi about taking it, but after I had already ordered it. I don't think there are any serious side effects, but if you would feel safer just call and ask them about it. Domperidone IS used in this country for Parkinson's patients, so your doc should have at least heard of it.

    Def buy it online- way cheaper than an rx, because you can only get it from compounding pharmacies in the U.S.

    I take 3 pills/3x a day= 90mgs a day. This coupled with a hospital grade pump has allowed me to just feed DD breastmilk all day until bedtime, and she gets about 4-6oz of formula at night. In the beginning I was pumping .5oz total, now I can get 1.5-3oz in a pump session. I do pump 10x/day, but I am so happy DD is getting breastmilk so its okay.

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  • Where do you get it from online? Is it legal to order without a prescription? No judgement here, just curious...I was about to write a new post, but this one pretty much asks all the same questions I was going to anyway.
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