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Oatmeal to increase supply

Silly question, but how much do you need to eat?  I have been eating some for breakfast for the last few days, but what I am wondering is if it only increases your immediate supply?  Like, will it only increase how much I pump at my next session, or will it help me to produce more throughout the day as well?  I pump four times a day while at work, and the last two sessions I normally only pump about 1.5oz per side.  I'm trying to figure out how to increase that.  My first two sessions are not a lot better, but I get about 2.5oz per side then.   I had tried fenugreek but that upset both mine and LO's tummies.  Any suggestions?
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Re: Oatmeal to increase supply

  • I eat a 1/2 cup every morning.  One serving.  And not quick oats, but real stuff.  I also mix in 2 tbls of ground flax seed.  I also work full time and my supply dwindles by the end of the day no matter what.  I also notice if I eat crappy, I have a lower supply.  I have started eating nuts and cottage cheese as snacks instead of chips and stuff, and it makes a difference!  Protein is something that really helps.  I also have to pump on weekends to keep supply up - I pump after first morning feeding and when DS goes to sleep.  It seems I can either have an oversupply or an undersupply, so I stick with oversupply!
  • I find that it's hard to increase that late afternoon pump - no matter what I do. Drinking tons of water does help.  Eating well - well balanced meals - does see to help. Instant oats don't seem to make much of a difference in my supply but oatmeal cookies help a little Embarrassed
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  • i ate quick oats for breakfast and did mother's milk (that godawful smelling herbal stuff).  and i was trying to drink a ton of water.  whatever it was, it worked.  i never became a frigging milk maiden or anything, but my supply increased.


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