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Trouble TTC

Newbie on this board

So I have been lurking for the last half hour or so and I could not believe how much more information I can learn from here. I guess I could say I was in a bit of denial that we are having a bit of trouble TTC. We are in our early stages but if has been more than 6 months since we started TTC and I do have irregular AFs so I guess that is considered trouble heheh. Here are the things I've been through in the past couple months under the supervision of our RE.

1. Bloodwork - all came back normal

2. Saline Ultrasound - suspects mild case of PCOS hence the missing AFs

3. HSG - no blockage but suspects adhesion on left ovaries

4. Been taking progesterone pill to induce AF so far I've only had 1 Af that came on its own after i got of BCP the rest are medically induced

5. Geering to the next step >>> CLOMID but we have yet to talk to our RE about it.

 I am happy to have found this board, I know I will learn a lot from you ladies. Thanks!

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    Welcome and good luck!

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  • Welcome!  I'm still a newbie myself but learn more each day just from reading this board.  The ladies on here really know their stuff.  Hopefully your stay here is a short one!  :)  Good luck!!
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  • Hi and welcome.  Has your husband had a SA yet?
  • Welcome!  It looks like you are heading in the right direction!  I just recently finished my 4th round of clomid and my experience was that it only caused me a couple hot flashes, but it did induce ovulation 3 out of 4 times.  Good luck! 
  • Welcome and good luck. 
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  • Welcome and GL to you
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  • Welcome and best of luck! This is a great board!
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  • Welcome and good luck!
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  • welcome...I'm new too...just finished my first round of clomid, so I'm not much farther along in the process than you...everything else sounds exactly like my situation, except I didn't have an first round of clomid may not have worked, but I'm going in for a second U/S on Tuesday, so here's hoping..otherwise, I have to do a whole 'nother cycle with a higher dose of Clomid
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