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Unhappy 2 year anniversary

Hello ladies, hope you guys are having a better nite/day than I am. 2 years ago from today I took my last birth control pill, I was so naive that I actually believed I would be pregnant w/in the next 6 months from that.

Well, it's been 2 years and here we are still trying. To make things better, I got an invitation from a co-worker to her daugther's baby shower, and just found out that my SIL is gonna try for #3 this fall. Embarrassed 

Sorry for the vent, but I figure only you guys good understand.

Re: Unhappy 2 year anniversary

  • I'm with you. A friend of mine who got married 2 months after me is already 6 months pregnant.

    I've been off of BC for 20 months now so I am not too far behind you.

    Silly us for every thinking this would be easy, huh? Confused


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  • I'm so sorry.  I hope that you get your BFP soon.

    IVF #3 brought us our miracle twins born 11/22/11!,

    Ou mes doigts pris sur tes poignets

    Je t'aime, je t'aimais et je t'aimerai

    p/saif always welcome

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  • I am sorry I feel you. I feel like everyone around me is getting pregnant without even trying. Whoever thought it would be this hard. I hope you get your BFP soon!
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  • It seems like people who aren't trying/don't want to/possibly shouldn't get pregnant do, while all of the women who are/desperately want to/and should struggle with it.  I keep reminding myself of something another bumpie said...we will all be much better moms when our turn comes and think of how we will be able to tell our LOs how we fought to have them.

    Good luck.  I hope you get your BFP soon.

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  • So sorry you are having a rough day. I hate the ups and downs of ttgp. I think we all had the same misconception when we first started that it will not take long at all to get a cute little baby belly.

    I hope you feel  better today?

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  • I understand - I'm right there with you.  Sad  ((hugs))
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  • thanx ladies. I knew you guys would def. understand.
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