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Just got home from the ER...

My poor little man stood up on the gate and fell over and hit the floor..I have never seen a bump grow sooooo BIG... sooooo FAST!!  I was so freaked and I called my aunt who is a nurse and she told me the good thing is that he got a bump..but to go to the ER just to be safe.  So an hour later he is fine :)  But almost gave mama and dada a heart attack! Poor little head/face is gonna look pretty bad for the next week or so..already bruised really bad :(  I fell so bad!

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  • Awww... poor little guy.  I hope he heals quickly.  If he's anything like my DS, it hurts you more than it hurts him.
  • glad he is OK! But isn't it nice to have a nurse in the family? My mom is one and she is the first person I call when in doubt, needless to say she gets a lot of calls!

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  • It is def nice to have a nurse in the family!  And yes I agree with pp that it hurts me more then him..It just breaks my heart that his face looks like he got beat up..I could cry :(
  • Glad to hear he is ok!! Poor guy.?
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  • We had an ER trip today too!  DS fell off the bed and has a HUGE bump on his head.  Right between the eyes.  I don't see how their heads do that!  Our ER doc put it nicely.  He said:  "God made babies heads soft because he knew they would fall off of things and they would need room to swell." 


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