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My husband does free-lance audio for TV shows, commercials, etc. This week a certain reality tv show about a family with lots of kids flew him up to AR to work with them this week. The producer was really impressed and has all ready asked him to come back next week. Then, he came back and asked my husband to stay on the show permanently. DH is really excited, but really apprehensive at the same time. This would be a really great opportunity for our family financially, but he would be in AR Monday-Thurs night every week from now until at least April (with the exception of holidays). DH is really worried about leaving me by myself, missing so much of Grace, not to mention our mothers are watching her right now and it would be a lot to ask of them. WWYD in our situation? I know military wives go a lot longer than that without their DHs and single moms do it every day. he would be home every weekend, but it is going to get awful lonely around here too. 


  • I grew up with my dad being out of town mostly Tuesday- Friday of my entire life.  My mom always said it was hard, but she said she got involved by joining a book club, moms group, and getting together with girlfriends who had kids.  I think if it sounds like a good opportunity than he needs to take it if it is possible.  I would also make sure that the moms (grandmas) are on board too.  You will need their support as well.  Try to make to best of the weekends :)  Good luck!
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  • DH has been traveling a lot for work.  He's away part of every week and he's taken a couple trips that have been 10 days straight.  I think it's hard for both of us.  DH feels sad that he's not home with us and that he's missing time with DD.  I SAH and get pretty worn out taking care of DD 24/7 by myself.  Towards the end of a big trip, I find myself counting down the hours until DH gets home.  I don't think I'd want to be in this situation permanently (this project for DH ends in about a month), but for now we are making it work.  We use skype a lot so he can see DD and she can see him - DD actually really likes it and waves and claps when she sees DH on the screen.  I also take pictures every day with my phone and email them to him during the day.   

    I think your DH should take the job if it will be good for his career knowing that there would be an end date.  I would just reevaluate in April if it looks like it is become something permanent.   

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  • Being a divorced single mother and a child of divorced parents I would base it on what's really most important to you.  DD misses her dad like crazy and I did as well when I was little.  If you really need the money or if he really wants the position go for it. I wouldn't completely outrule it but I would definitely weigh the pros and cons. 
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