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PR- Can someone talk to me about bleeding VERY early on?

I was fortunate enough to have the world's most uneventful pregnancy with dd, so I'm in foreign territory here.  Just got a BFP on Sunday so I'm like 4 weeks and some change pg. All morning long I had some very very light spotting (brown) only when I wiped. 

When I got home, it turned red (again, only when I wiped) and a little while ago I passed a small, bright red clot. Can this end well at all? I don't have a dr appt until 9/17.  I'm not sure what to do here.... Do I call the dr in the morning and tell them what has happened? Would they want to see me? I would just like confirmation- did I m/c or are we okay?

:( Would definitely appreciate some t&p!!  


Re: PR- Can someone talk to me about bleeding VERY early on?

  • I am sorry you are going through this.  Will def send T&Ps your way.  With LO I started bleeding (no clots) around 6 weeks.  I called our doc asap...they immediately did an ultrasound.  There was a hemorrhage next to the baby.  I was put on immediate rest (allowed to walk around house etc...but no other activity.)  The hemorrhage did not affect the baby....but we monitored the development closely...especially early on.  I would def call your doctor.  They will probably want to see you to monitor pregnancy.  Get some rest (or as much as you can) until you talk to the doctor.  Thoughts coming your way! 
  • Congrats! When I was pregnant with DD, I spotted brown nonstop from 4 weeks to 6 weeks. At 6 weeks I had an episode of heavy, bright red, clotty bleeding. Luckily, it was the same day as my first appointment so they were able to check me out and schedule an ultrasound. Everything turned out fine (obviously), so there is definitely no reason to give up hope. I would maybe call your doc in the morning and see if there is any way they can see you sooner (given the circumstances).
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  • Subchorionic hematoma's can cause bright red spotting which often times does not pose a risk to the fetus.

    Thoughts and prayers are with you. 
  • I never had any bleeding associated with it, but I had a subchorionic hemorage.  It could have caused me to pass blood clots but I never did.  After having DS I saw that my records said it was very large.  It's a blood clot between the placenta and the wall of the uterus.  Mine fixed itself by 20 weeks.  My sister also had one and had no other problems associated with it.  I would just relax and don't do anything too taxing on your body, and call your doc.
  • Congratulations and T&P's your way!  I bled last time with Lane and this time twice already.  I'm talking bright red blood that soaked the toilet paper, but it would stop as quick as it started and I had no cramping.  In fact, the first time it happened I had no idea I was pregnant and thought it was my period.  I hope yours turns out to be nothing as well.  This time around when it happened I didn't even call my doctor.  I had an ultrasound scheduled a few days later anyway, and I knew if I was miscarrying they couldn't do anything, so I just waited for the ultrasound.
  • My experience with bleeding early on isn't very encouraging but I've heard alot of other women who've had bleeding that didn't cause any harm to the baby.  Keep positive!!!!  T&P's :)
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  • When I was 7 weeks with DS I was spotting light brown/pinkish color for 2 days. They got me in for an u/s just to check everything. Turns out I had a subchoronic hemmorage.  It disappeard on its own by my 12 week u/s. They said it was pretty common for it to disappear on its own.

    Good luck, thoughts and prayers to you. Keep us posted.

  • I bled A LOT with both babies. TMI, sorry: started out watery and brown then pink, then red, then several very large, bright red clots. With both pregnancies, I had to wait for appointments too, but the babies were fine. It's incredibly scary, but it can be nothing. I hope everything is OK with you- GL.
  • I went through this a little over a week ago! I started spotting on the Wed. before the Fri. that my period was due. It never got heavy like my period normally does, so I thought something was up and took a pg test and got a BFP. I continued to bleed (sometimes more than others) for a week, and it was more than just a little brown or pink when you wipe, it was like a light period and I had a couple small clots. I was really worried but I have been to the Dr. twice and my hormone levels went up. The Dr. said this is common. I have heard it can be implantation or your body just trying to have a period but either way usually it is fine. T&P and congrats!

  • Thanks girls.  It's been a steady red all night w/ faint faint cramping. Dr opens at 8:30 so I'll call then.  I'm trying to stay positive but it's making me very nervous!!!
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