Since the LC didn't have time to answer me... — The Bump

Since the LC didn't have time to answer me...

Could anyone here give me some advice?

I have 2 questions:

1) I've battled low supply since the beginning b/c DS was in the NICU for a while and couldn't nurse.  After doing everything possible (oatmeal, herbs, pumping after feedings, power pumping, domperidone...), I'm making just enough for him.  Now he's sleeping well and goes one 6 hour stretch (from 11:30-5:30)  without eating.  Do you think it's okay for me to sleep through that time or do I definitely need to get up and pump?  I'm torn b/c I'm back at work and need my sleep, but I don't want to damage my supply.

2).  At work I pump 3 times.  The first time I get 4 oz, the second time about 3, and the third about 2.75.  I've been pouring three bottles with about 3 oz/each.  Should I instead give him what I pump at each time as that is probably closer to what he'd get when nursing or should I continue to make the bottles even amounts?


Re: Since the LC didn't have time to answer me...

  • Does he nurse both sides at 5:30ish or can you nurse on 1 side and pump the other?  If you don't pump then or he doesn't nurse both sides, when is your next pump time? I might try sleeping thru and seeing if you get more at your regular pump or your same amount you usually get. That might give you an indication if you did that for a few days and check each mornings output. Hope that makes sense..  DD was sleeping nice stretches at 3 months but about 4 months she started to have more wakeful nights so you may find your sleep interupted soon anyhow....

     on the bottles I would send amounts/bottle size as based on the kellymom mik calculator - not what you pumped at that time. The pump is not a good measure of what baby would get out of you at that same time if you were nursing.


  • SLEEP!

    When I am tired, my supply drops. I pump just before I go to bed and as soon as I get up (while nursing). 

    Also, you're pumping just as much (if not more!) than me - and I have made it to ten months and plan on going for another two. Keep up the good work! 

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  • #1. I would say sleep if she is sleeping that long.

    #2. I make 3 different size bottles for daycare. When I first went back to work it took about 3 weeks to get figure out how much to put in the bottles. I started with 3- 4oz bottles but he was still hungry so I upped it to 5 oz and he was eating the first two but wanting to eat early after the first one and leaving some in the 3rd bottle of the day. So I started doing 6 oz for the first one and 5 oz in the last two and he would leave some in the first and 3rd ones. So I did 5.5 in the first bottle 5 in the 2nd and 4.5 in the third. He eats all 3 bottles now without leaving anything and that holds him over at least 3 hours. After the fact I figured out that I pump about that much at each of my 3 pumps during the day.


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  • You are getting the same amounts as I get while pumping - I usually make her bottles even, I never thought twice about it.

    I would sleep - you need rest to keep your supply up.  I know it's simple and you are probably already doing it, but I try to drink at least 60oz of water a day.  I really notice a difference if I miss a day.


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