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If your LO has a strawberry hemangioma please come in

Popping in from 0-3 looking for advice and experience...

At DS's 1-month appointment I had the pedi look at a red line on DS's pinky finger where I thought I bruised him struggling with him to file his nails.  Pedi told me it was a strawberry hemangioma that we would monitor. It has grown rounder and darkened in this second month.  From what I've read, they seem to grow for a year and then can begin to fade. 

Just wanted to hear from mommas whose LOs have them.  Did your LO's grow significantly over the year?  Do people ask what it is? Did you end up going to a dermatologist?  What method of treatment did they use?  Any advice or experience would be appreciated :)

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Re: If your LO has a strawberry hemangioma please come in

  • dd has one behind her ear. when she was bornit was the size of a pencil tip, now it is the size of a pencil eraser around. it has also become slightly raised and bighter red - everyone thinks she has a cut under/behind her ear. the doc looks at it but says it is fine and we think it is too.
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  • My daughter has one on her head. The pedi said it would grow and then eventually fade. She is almost 10 months old and it was started getting smaller. We encounter people out in the public who notice and share their story - their child had one and it faded by the time they were 2 or 3. You can do laser treatment but it is painful. Laser is usually done if the hemangioma is near the eyes or ears, etc...It bothered me at first, especially since she had only a little bit of blond hair. Her hair is finally growing and covers most of it.


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  • DD has 2 hemangiomas... one diaper area and the other on the back of her neck.  The one on her neck is the size of a pencil point and is already starting to fade.

    The diaper area one is on her labia and is now about the size of the tip of my pinky.  It started the same way as your LO but we noticed it at her 2 day check up in the hospital.  I thought the nurses had bruised her cleaning her up and questioned them.  They brought the pedi in and he said it looked like it was just a birth mark.  by her 2 week check up it turned from purple to red and became round in size the pedi confirmed it was a hemangioma and not to worry.

    It grew VERY fast in the first 2-3 months then slowed down around 6 months i noticed it started turning grey in the middle and not receeding but looked less "swollen"  Now its starting to go away in the middle and the endges look less red/"swollen" 

    My understanding is they grow typically for the 1st year then begin to receed and when they do this they will turn greyish then regualr skin colored.  im lucky in the fact that noone but daycare sees it and i explained it to them on day one so i have no advise on that topic. If anybody brings it up tell them the truth its a birthmark. 

    We did not need to see anybody special our pedi just checks it at every appointment to make sure it looks ok.  One concern in the diaper area hemangiomas is it rupturing and getting infected. They usually will only remove them if they are on the face and risk getting in the way of the eyes or nose or in the diaper area ones if they rupture. 

    My only concern with having one on LOs had would be if it grew large how it would effect his ability to use it... but honestly LOs dont use thier pinkys much for anything.  I would just watch to see if its getting in the way of how LO uses his hand. 

    I did find keeping it lubricated with Aquaphor helped.  The more elastic the skin the better it will take to the rapid growth.  This was easy bc i applied it during diaper changes but on your LOs hand could be hard to put anything on it and you dont want to risk your LO ingesting an ointment. 

    honestly you need to just watch it and there is not much else you can do.  It will go away after they turn 1 typically.  GL  

  • DS has one on his left side, at about the level of his bellybutton. He is 9 months now, and it hasn't grown at all since he was about 4-5 months. At first it was just little red dots that just started growing a little bigger each day. His isn't all one, it's more of a cluster, but they are raised a little. Pedi said the sooner it stops growing, the sooner it will go away, which is good in my case. There is really no need to go to a dermatologist. Pedi said not to mess with it, and don't scratch at it or poke it. His main point was just don't worry about it, they aren't harmful and don't hurt, and they WILL go away.

    And, yes, EVERYONE (who sees his tummy) asks about it. Especially since we have been to pool parties. We just tell them exactly what it is, tell them it's like a birthmark, and that it will go away. They usually drop it after that. 

  • DD has one on her right arm. We noticed hers when she was a couple weeks old. As a PP said, it was the size of a pencil tip, now it is the size of a pencil eraser around. Hers grew fast and has stayed consistant for months now. It is raised about the size of a pencil tip too and is bright red. Dr said it will go away and we arent too worried about it so we have not been to a dermatologist or treated it. He also said they are more common in girls and even more common in babies born early. We get asked often if it is a birth mark. I just explain what it is and people dont say much...
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  • Both of my children have these, at birth they were small and completely flat however over the first two months they grew rapidly. DS has his on his elbow and DD has hers on her wrist. I strongly recommend getting them checked out by a specialist. I didn't I listened to my pedi who told me the same thing as yours and pp. Then my dd lasarated hers!! Holy blood!! You really should get it checked out, I had no idea that it could affect the movement of her hands since it got so large and is in the area ( there are a lot of veins there) also hemangiomas can be related to heart issues so both my kids were checked by a cardiologist. We are letting DSs take it's own course but my DDs us being treated with propranol. You could google to look into that. Both my Kids will need plastic surgery in upcoming years to fully remove theirs, the dr said since they were so large ( about the size of a walnut) that the skin with sag once it shrank. If you have any questions you could pm me, i can't stress enough how important it is to let a specialist check out, you never know, it's only a dr visit as a precaution.
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