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Bad uterine lining response to Clomid and length of AF?

Anyone?  If so how long was your AF?  I am right now tapering off on CD3.  I was told at my monitoring appt that my lining was not responding to the Clomid.  Since I was told that, I have been drinking POM juice like it is going out of style!
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Re: Bad uterine lining response to Clomid and length of AF?

  • Both my Clomid cycles were right after my Lap/hystero to remove endo and a septum, so even though my lining was only 5-6, my AFs were super heavy.

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  • My first round of Clomid left me with thin lining, and my second round was even thinner.  I had 3 days of AF, but I usually have 3-4 anyway.  They're also switching me to Femara because it's not supposed to have a thin lining side effect.
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  • I only had AF for 4 days on and off when I was on Clomid
  • Although my cycle was a day or two shorter it was just as heavy while on my first round of Clomid. My lining measured at 8 on CD 12 I believe.
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  • My lining has always been fine on Clomid and my periods are really short.  2 - 2 1/2 days both on and off Clomid.  I also don't find that POM juice did anything for my lining.  At any rate, my period after drinking POM was no different than when I wasn't.
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