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I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. Sad ((HUGS))
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  • Whaddup bish!!...and thanks  Right Hug

  • How have you and your H been? As you can see, we're back in Ga now. DH is reclassing. Not too sure where we're going next, but we may end up in Korea. Scary thought there. lol
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  • I'm hanging in there.  H is having a rough time of it tho.  He was the strong one initally so I guess we'll be taking turns to get through this, which I am fine with and it seems reasonable to me.  He just finished re-classing as a combat engineer (yeah had our loss while he's stuck at Dix training...go figure!!).  He got switched to a new unit and now that new unit is scheduled for a deployment in 2011.  FML.  But I try not to focus on that.  Just day to day kwim?

    I have friends in Korea with kids around the same age as yours.  All boys tho so IDK if Mr. Shay will like that for DD Shay.

  • Eh just gives her daddy more reasons to buy a gun. lol

    I know what you mean about alternating. DH was strong for me first, then I was strong for him. We ended up being strong together and for each other. But you're right. It just takes time.

    Ugh deployments. I hope you guys have time to settle and get used to things before he goes. Are you moving when he leaves?

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  • lol @ the gun comment.

    A is ARNG now so no moving required.  If he were still in Germany or at Drum I'd stay.  I actually like living on my own.  Meh, I know too independent for my own good.

  • Ahhhh ok. Well if you're comfortable then why change a good thing? Right? Do you know if it will be a year long deployment?
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  • Probably but I'm not even gonna worry about it until orders are in hand.  You know how that goes.
  • EXACTLY! lol I have an appointment tomorrow. The doctor said she could write up a letter to defer DH's orders until after LO gets here. (I'm a high risk and going overseas at the time he'd be done with school would be a no no.) Either way, I'm just terrified of everything at this point. Just gotta go one day at a time.

    I tell you what though, it doesn't seem like DH has been home that long. Seems like just yesterday he got back. I still remember the look on his face when they had to parade in front of us. lol Poor thing was so out of it.

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