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Two 2WWs

So in addition to being in the 2WW for TTC, my whole company is entering a 2WW to find out what is going on with our jobs post-merger.  They had an all-hands meeting this morning and basically said that they can't tell us anything right now, but should have more info for us in 2-4 weeks.

Isn't it bad enough to be anxiously anticipating finding out whether or not this cycle was a bust, but to also be waiting to find out what's going on with mine and DH's careers?  Seems like too much for today.

(vent over.  Thanks for listening)

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Re: Two 2WWs

  • Ugh that's rough. Hopefully both fly by for you!

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  • I'm so sorry that you have to go through that. I'm in a similar position with the end of my contract coming up, and so far no light shed on as to whether or not they will renew. I hate it when companies make employees wait so long to find out this type of news, it's pretty hard to just sit there and not think about it. Hopefully they will tell you sooner than later, so at least you can know what you're dealing with. GL with your 2ww, and hang in there, hopefully everything will turn out okay with your jobs.

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