60mins on 60mins off 45mins on?!??! — The Bump

60mins on 60mins off 45mins on?!??!

LO is battling Thursh- shes on Ny. drops and hasn't been eating a ton but has still been doing pretty good and latches no problem. She fed around noon then slept until three fed until four slept until five and fed until almost six! Some of it has got to be comfort sucking!!!!!! She was actively sucking though and I could see/hear her swallow- my mom is thinking it's the Ny. Drops.... anyone else have any ideas?

I tried to delatch her a few times but she just screamed at me, burped her and kept screaming, fussing and rooting for anything she could find so I let her feed....

I know she's getting enough milk we had our check up yesterday and she had gained a lb in 2 weeks so the pedi is happy


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Re: 60mins on 60mins off 45mins on?!??!

  • 3 weeks is a growth spurt week, I believe. Maybe that's it? I know DS fed practically ALL day when he was going through his growth spurt. I felt like he was on the boob pretty much constantly for at least several days...
  • Sounds like normal newborn cluster feeding to me. Sorry :-(. At least you're getting an hour break! My DD used to literally take one hour to nurse and want to nurse every hour -- so she would nurse non-stop for three or four hours in the evenings. Hang in there -- it gets better!!! (oh, and if the thrush doesn't get better, get genitian violet)
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  • imageDarcyLongfellow:
    Sounds like normal newborn cluster feeding to me. Sorry :-(.


    Drew was very similar around that age - especially in the evening.  He cluster fed in the evenings from 3 weeks to 3 months.  Not always the easiest, but it did help him start sleeping longer!

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