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First post-partum period already?

Granted I mostly pump - although DS does nurse at least once a day but I'm only 5 weeks post partum and have gotten my period.  I thought I would have a little while longer!

Re: First post-partum period already?

  • When you're pumping you're more likely to get your period because it's not as much stimulation as a baby :(

    I got mine at 2.5 months but haven't gotten one since.  

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  • I got mine at 4 months and was EBF!  I got pregnant when my son was 9 months and I am still EBF now 4-5 times a day.  I am thankful for my fertility but was definitely suprised :)
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  • I EBF twins and still got my first PP AF when they were 4.5 months old. I was not amused.
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  • At 5 weeks I'd blame PP bleeding more than a PP Period.  I had PP bleeding at 8 weeks, but nothing since until I had my Mirena placed.
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