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job possible in Charlotte or Durham...need advice on where to live

So, DH has a strong job possibility in Charlotte, and they are wanting to move rather quickly (which is FINE with me, the sooner the better) and if he gets the job they're going to want him to start in 2 weeks or less.  So, I'm trying to be pro-active and narrow down some housing options in case we need to make a quick trip there to decide.  The job is near the airport, so we were looking at a map and thinking maybe Belmont or Gastonia...any thoughts on living there?  Any suggestions of areas of town to avoid?

I have a job interview at Duke on Thursday, so we're keeping our minds open about that one too.  Praying that ONE of these will work out.  So, if you live in Durham, can you recommend areas of town to live in, and areas of town to avoid?



Re: job possible in Charlotte or Durham...need advice on where to live

  • Need to be quick, but I'll comment on Durham. Maybe I'm a bit of a snob but the only area of Durham I would live in is around Southpoint Mall. I'm just not a big fan of the city/county. It seems like you'll have a block of nice house next to a block of houses that needs to be condemned. I know they're trying to revitalize the city, but it's going slowly. Also, Durham schools are not the best.

    I would rec looking in Orange or Wake counties.

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  • Belmont and Gastonia are both nice and growing near Charlotte.  Those would probably be your best bets near the airport.
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  • And from the opposite view, I can't comment on Durham, but I would not focus too much on Gastonia.  Similarly, you may have a very nice house, or even a community, but right next to a trailer park.  We recently bought in Lake Wylie/Clover and we love our house/community, but the surrounding area needs to grow up/class up a lot.  That being said, the public schools in Clover, SC and Fort Mill, SC are very good.

     I'm not sure what Duke location you are interviewing (at a plant or corp in Uptown), but assuming Uptown and your DH works near the airport, I would recommend looking in the Berewick or Steele Creek areas.  From Berewick, the backroads provide really easy non-freeway access to both airport and city.  Berewick is a new planned community - lots of kids, kiddie pool, tot lots, etc.  I would think there are a number of rental houses available.

     Or, a specific house in Steele Creek (my bro and SIL - shameless plug) is  It is a block from the neighborhood pool with an AWESOME kiddie pool; 3  blocks from the library, very close to Rivergate shopping center (Target, Home Depot, grocery stores, restaurants) and the major intersection of Hwy 49 and Steele Creek.

     GL - I'm happy to answer more questions about the southwest side if you have them!

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  • Thanks for all the helpful information.  JuberP...we're not looking to buy right now, just looking for a place to rent for awhile to get used to the area and make sure this job is really going to work out before buying.  Losing 2 jobs in 2 years makes one hesitant to get too grounded, LOL!
  • In the Charlotte area, Steele Creek is a good area to be if you want to stay close to the airport. There are lots of really nice and new apartments in the area as well. I'm very familiar with the area, so feel free to ask any additional questions! Good luck with everything!

    As far as Belmont or Gastonia...Belmont is nice and growing, but I personally am not a fan of Gastonia.


  • I live in the Steele Creek area of Charlotte and I'll second what everyone else has said.  It's close to the airport and also a great part of town.  It's very family friendly.  

    Good luck!  I hope one of the ventures works out as you hope! 

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  • I grew up in Durham and work in Durham (for Duke Health System). So I could give you specifics about Duke info and Durham. We live in the Brier Creek area of Raleigh (Northwest Wake Co). Not a bad commute to Duke at all and schools are really good. But don't write off living in Durham-honestly I had no problem with Durham-just moved to Raleigh to get a change. Northern Durham is good if you want to live in a rural area-schools are a little iffy though in that area. Southwest Durham area is good-lots of apts, good area, schools good too. I think it all just depends on what you're looking at-I can give you specifics on fb if you want. I can't think of specific apt complexes right now-but if you name a few I can tell you yea or nay :)
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