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DS is 20 months old and shows absolutely no signs of disinterest in nursing. I was hoping he would self wean before 2, but I don't see that happening. I want to start exploring how to wean off slowly. Any advice or resources that would be helpful for me? I have no idea how to start!

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  • How often is DS nursing? My SIL was having issues with her son. He would be fine while they were apart but as soon as he saw her he would get all worked up and cling to her saying "nursy nursy" She finally stopped when she was starting TTC again he was 21 months. She nursed him one day and just told him no more nursying tomorrow and that was it. She got pregnant 6weeks later and every once and a while had to remind him early on (especially when I would nurse my DS around him) but she would just tell him these are for the baby your a big boy and give him a sippy. He's almost 3 now and she's due in the next few weeks and hasn't had any issues. I hope that helped
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