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CDing helping with potty training??

I heard that CDing will help with potty does that work? I'm excited if that is true! The less diaper changing the better! :)

Re: CDing helping with potty training??

  • I think it's because with CD your LO can feel that he/she is wet, whereas disposable diapers absorb everything so that they never get the chance to feel wet.
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  • We CD DS from birth until PT.  I do think CD help early training but I also think it depends on what CD you use- most pocket diapers wick away moisture and I can't see that helping.  We used PF and cotton fitted (Motherease) diapers.  When DS was @ 1 year old we took away the fleece liners we put inside the diapers.  By 14 months old he was telling us when he had to poop.  I was pregnant at the time so we didn't want to PT since the baby would be arriving in 3 months.  So at 17 months we PT DS, it went very easy and very fast- we PT during the day, naps and bedtime without issues.  So yes, I do think CD helped.
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  • We have always used CDs and DD never cared whether she was wet or not (we used prefolds with no liner and pocket dipes), but we still stopped using diapers when she was about 20 months old and have had no issues (we still have to use diapers overnight).
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