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Anyone using BG 4.0 on newborn?

If yes, how does it work?

 If not what are you using?


Re: Anyone using BG 4.0 on newborn?

  • If it's any help I used our BG 3.0 on our Prem DS when he got to the 7lb mark and they're fab, I just folded the front panel forward on each side as it's a bit wide for my skinnymalinks! I still do now he's in the high 9lb range otherwise the fleece gets wet! I've not had a single problem so far, I love them!
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  • LO is 8lbs now and they still don't fit her. (Everything seemed ok, but she peed while nursing on her side and pee went everywhere...)

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  • Haven't tried the 4.0, but my DS was 7 pounds 10 ounces at birth and there was no way the 3.0 would fit him.  A lot has to do with the baby and their build guy has skinny little legs, even the BG XS still don't always get a snug fit.
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  • The BG 3.0s we have (almost exactly the same as the 4.0s) didn't fit her until she was about 1.5 - 2 months old. And even then, they were quite a bit bulkier than her other diapers, like her small BG AIOs, so I wouldn't necessarily grab for them first.

    That being said, I LOVE our one-size BGs - I just don't think they will fit a newborn. As far as OS diapers we have FB, BG 3.0s, BG organics, RaR, Swaddlebees, Blueberry and the ONLY one I could see fitting a newborn is the Rumparooz (though I didn't try them on her right away). 

    Hope that helps! 


  • BG 3.0s did not fit #2 until he was 2 months old.

    We used prefold & kissaluvs fitteds with thirsties covers until they fit. 

    I have a blog post here about cloth diapering a newborn. 

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