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Ok...more on sitting...

Give me some stories here...I'm going to lose it. Everytime I put him down now it is taking progressively longer to get him to sleep because he sits up and won't lay back down until I go in there and help him. we went from 15 minutes last night...30 minutes nap 1 today....45 minutes just now. This is SOO frustrating! Anyone else's LO do this? Surely this is normal...just keep tellig me that and I'll be ok...I think.

Re: Ok...more on sitting...

  • It's normal. I think I laid him back down once for the first 2-3 times but it was pointless b/c he would sit right back up, so after that I just let him play and he'd eventually either go to sleep or CIO. 

    Remember...it's just a phase (my most & least favorite words of parenting). 

  • All of these phases lasted about a week or so for us (sitting up, pulling up, etc.).  I did go in and help him lay back down if it looked like he couldn't do it on his own.  It's exciting for a few days, and then the novelty wears off, and they go back to going straight to sleep.  It feels like an eternity while you're waiting for the phase to end though.  GL!
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  • Thanks ladies! I don't know why but it makes me feel better to know its not just my kid that's doing this. Just got to keep telling myself this too shall pass.
    Thank you!!
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