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DD starts daycare Tuesday

I'm a little nervous.  We've had an assortment of ways we've covered childcare up to this point, including me working part time nights and only sleeping when she napped...which is not working.

 So Tuesday morning is her first day.  I think she'll do ok, and I'm excited for all of the interaction and learning she'll have at "school".

 Any words of wisdom or advice on what to expect?

Also-looking for ideas for lunches.  They don't microwave there.  We can use a freezer pack to keep things cold and a thermos to keep things warm if we choose.  DD hates peanut butter and is not great about sandwhiches of any kind. 


Re: DD starts daycare Tuesday

  • At 2 years old she's going to have a blast! Expect that she'll be tired when she gets home at the end of the day for the first 2 weeks and so early bedtimes and limited activities on the weekend. My DS sleeps 3 hours each Sat. and Sun.!
  • Thanks Carrie! That makes me feel better :)
  • Ditto PP - she'll have a blast!  DD is 2 and has her BFFs at daycare - she talks about them a lot!  I believe, as a lot of people on this board do, that DC is a very positive experience for our kids: socially, developmentally, educationally, etc.  I know that DD has learned FAR more at DC than I would ever be able to teach her.

    I don't know if you enjoy your job but try to appreciate the break you get while at work.  I know that while I'm at work, I appreciate being able to check my email, eat lunch in peace, and talk with adults. Big Smile

     Re: lunches.  Ugh, always a challenge for us.  Some ideas:  mini bagel w/ cream cheese, pita/hummus, frozen peas, fresh fruit/veggies, yogurt, applesauce, soup, tortilla wraps.  I wish I had more ideas but since they can't heat things for you, it might be a challenge. 

  • Thanks SeattleMegan! I agree with you that DD will learn far more at DC than I could ever teach her and I am feeling really happy about that. 

     I really do love my job, so that makes me feel ok about putting her in DC so that I can go to work...well that and the whole paying the bills so we can eat and have a roof over our heads LOL. 

    Thanks so much for the lunch ideas, I really appreciate it, it's gonna be a little challenging, but I think we'll work it out alright.


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