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how often to adjust FB OS CDs?

i honestly think i've only adjusted the elastics on my FB OS dipes once.  and i still use pretty much the same snap settings.  that just sounds crazy to me.  but they still seem to fit him the same.

how often have other people had to adjust theirs and/or move up snaps?

just curious.

Re: how often to adjust FB OS CDs?

  • If you look at the size chart for FB OS, there is a big gap between two of the sizes.. Weight 15-30lbs, it has the same leg and waist adjustments. Similar to sposies, my son has been in the same size for a year and a half. I am trying to switch him over to FB OS until potty training and use them on my mnxt LO.
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  • I just changed the elastic adjustments a couple of weeks ago when the FB seemed a little tight on my baby's legs.  She was 4 mos old.  I didn't follow the FB recommendations chart, just adjusted to what felt right.  We haven't had any leaks.  
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