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Does anybody else hate this...

The few weeks before AF is expected and it's to soon to test, so you just wait and wait until you finally can test. I hate this part of my cycle. It drives me nuts! I also have symptoms such as slight nausea, cramping, bloating, and sore breasts. So I get even more antsy, then bang, AF shows up. Every month this happens to me. People tell me since I want a baby so badly, the symptoms are in my head. Yuck. I do believe they are real and just go with AF. 

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  • Actually the 2ww is my favorite part of a cycle.  I always have hope that it will work out as opposed to the pre-ovulation where I'm stressing about when I'll ovulate and whether our timing will be good.
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  • That is an excellent way to think about it. I should be positive and hopeful about this experience rather than stressed and on edge. :) Thanks!
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  • I was going to say the same thing that gym said. The 2ww is the only time in this whole process that I am optomistic. Before that I'm stressed that I'm going to screw up the timing and once AF shows I'm devistated that I need to do it again. The wait is kind of a nice break where everything is out of my control. But I hear you about the symtoms. I get those too.
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