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Daytime Swaddeling

I know that Brooks is tired during the day, but he just takes little cat naps unless we are in the car. He's a great sleeper at night and this doesn't seem to affect his afternoon napping. Can I swaddle him to get him to sleep during the day? Any other tips?

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  • I always swaddled Nathan or put him in a sleep sack when I started to notice the signs of him getting sleepy (rubbing his eyes, yawning) and I'd rock him to sleep, now that he's older, I just put him in his crib and let him put himself to sleep and just tuck a blanket around him. 

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  • I swaddle whenever the kid is fussy or sleepy.


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  • Swaddling is not just for nighttime! Any tricks you use at night you can use during the day. Try white noise, rocking until in a deep sleep, swaddling, pacifier (if you are willing to use), maybe try putting him in a swing? Not a great long-term solution but if he only sleeps in motion it can help you get things down. Is it possible it's too light in his room in the afternoon? You could get room-darkening blinds or curtains. And the Happiest Baby on the Block 5 S's helped us a lot (we got the DVD on Netflix).
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  • Definitely.  Swaddling was extremely effective wth both my kids when they were tiny - day or night.  Swaddle swaddle swaddle all day long.  That, and with DD #2 the Moby wrap.  That little kid just loved to be bundled up tightly.
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  • We swaddled all the time until DS was 4.5 months and started rolling over back to belly. Naps, bedtime, etc. He loved being swaddled! Since then we have used sleep sacks. He was a cat napper until about 6 months, would only go 30 min. in his crib - 2 hours if he could stay on us! Ditto the swing suggestion too. DS hated his, but I know it works for lots of people!
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  • Absolutely!  We swaddled for naps and night time until it was time to stop (he was breaking loose).  Unless your LO is breaking loose or rolling over, it is safe to continue swaddling, and the best way to help him nap better during the day.  We were using Halo Sleepsack Swaddles, and LOVED them! 
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