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Its coming down to the wire..

What Should I have at the Changing table? Besides Diapers and wipes.. ^.^ 

Oh and what about the cute bedding set..Does anyone really use the comforter? For some reason I am thinking that the baby gets bundled up and just sleeps right in the middle. Anyone use a sleep positioner?

I'd like to know what people thought they would need and didn't use it. 

 Any must haves? 


I had a great baby shower today. I couldn't sleep all night thinking about the stuff I won't get that I absolutely need and stuff I don't need. Well I got a bunch of cute second hand clothes about a month ago, so I didn't need any. Then I got a bunch of brand new clothes at the shower. Seriously only got one pack of diapers and 2 packs of wipes ^.^ No diaper rash cream.. I realized that no one went off that registry that I wasted precious hours of my life to keep up on and make sure to erase stuff I didn't need. What is the point of having that if no one uses it. Hahaha..well I don't think I'll need onesies for a little while. Omg my older sister got 2 of "my auntie thinks i am cute" onesies just in case one gets dirty..theres a back up. I had so much fun with everyone today, that I did not expect. I am beyond tired but I had to share.

Goodnight Oregon Mommies!!

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Re: Its coming down to the wire..

  • I recommend earth mama angel baby bottom balm for diaper rashes. Its natural and smells good. My number 2 recommendation is the seahorse that plays music. I don't know what I would do without it. It works amazing for nap time. My 3rd is the woombie. They sell them at Segals. They are about $28 but beyond worth it. It is a sleep wrap that zips up. Honestly, that is my #1 rec. It saved our lives when August was colicky. The other wraps he was able to get out of but not the woombie. last, i recommend baby oxyclean.  i have no idea if there is any difference between it and regular oxyclean but works amazingly when you have soaked the stained stuff in it.

    what to have at you changing table...i have a basket of diapers, a wipe warmer, the nail clippers, bottom balm, my safe burts bees diaper powder and when he took binkys, there was usually a binky waiting for him up there.  make sure you diaper pail is in reach from where you will be standing with little felicity.   

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  • We did not get a cute bedding set. We just got some sheets. DD was born in June and slept in the PnP for the first 6 weeks then moved to her crib. We used the SwaddleMe blankets to swaddle her. Once she started moving around a bit in the crib we bought a breathable mesh bumper to go around it. She didn't start to sleep with a comforter until after she was a year old. When she got too mobile to swaddle we bought her blanket sleepers or sleepsacks. 
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  • Next to the changing area I had the diapers, wipes, and rash cream (I love Butt Paste, works wonders) and a couple extra onesies "just in case" there was an accident during changing. And of course keep the diaper pail close by. Smile 

    In the first month or two I didn't really have anything that I "needed" at all times besides pacifiers, blankets and onesies. She was in a onesie swaddled asleep most of every day. Can't really think of much else. I got a music/light thing for when she went to sleep when she got a teeny bit older that got her to sleep really well. It projects lights in different shapes and colors on the ceiling and plays music.

    Good luck and glad you had a great shower! I think everyone kind of just gravitates towards baby clothes for showers...they're too cute to resist.  

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  • I'm a big fan of Arbonne Baby Care (have to order it online) bath soap, lotion and diaper rash cream. 

    As for the comforter, nope, never used it.. but it IS cute.. Will probably use it more when DD is in toddler-hood. 

    Probably good that you didn't get a ton of diapers.. I got an entire pack of Costco diapers and hated them, gave 3/4 of them away... 

    Oh, as far as the sleep positioner, yes, we used one.. it was very handy, kept her feeling very cozy and safe :)

    Stuff we keep on our changing table: Receiving blankets/burp rags, wipes/powder/rash cream, grooming supplies, a box of tissues (VERY handy), refills for diaper genie, extra binkies, etc.. 

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  • We use Huggies diapers from Costco but when DD was little we had Pampers and they don't sell those at Costco. Just know that if you buy diapers at Costco and you don't like them you can return the box for a full refund even if you've already used several of them. 

    Also, not sure if you're planning on BF-ing or not but if you're not for some reason, the formula  at Costco is a lot cheaper than anywhere else.

  • Oh! a couple more things I thought of:

    The #1 best item I think I bought: Dimmer switch for babies room

     It's $10 at Lowes/Home Depot/Target.. 10 minutes to install.. and it's awesome..  


    Also, Amazon Subscribe & Save is the absolute best/cheapest way to buy diapers.  I get 1 delivery a month with a box of 204 size 3's for $28, which works out to 14 cents a diaper (For Pampers) .. I cringe when I see people buying the big boxes at BRU/Target/Costco because I know how much $$ I'm saving and how convenient it is to have that box show up on my door step at the end of the month! :)

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  • You only need one box a month? 
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  • image Felena:
    You only need one box a month? 

    Once they get older you don't need as many diapers in a day. Wink I think I buy two in a month but use one and a half maybe? I don't really know. Haven't really kept track. I know I don't buy them that often though. When they're first born and the first few months you need a lot more.  

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  • image Felena:
    You only need one box a month? 

    1 box of size 3's is 204 diapers.. she goes through about 7 diapers a day at this age.. So it's worked out so far.. I've never ran out before my next box comes.. heh. :)

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