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Sitting up...

So yay! DS has learned to sit up by himself! but boo...he keeps doing it when he's in his crib and super tired, then gets mad and won't lay back down until I go i there and lay him down...should I just let him figure it out or just wait 10-15 minutes and if he still won't lay back down on his own, go help? I can't figure this one

Re: Sitting up...

  • I would give him a chance to figure it out, but if he can't then lay him down.  Its a new thing for him, so once he gets used to it it should be better.

    Good luck! 

  • It's just one of those things that we don't really even think of as a learned behavior, but it is! He has learned to sit, and will also learn to get himself back down. I agree that I'd give him a few minutes, but if he gets frustrated with it, help him out to show him how.

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