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silly question but figured i would ask

Anyone know if you can be induced at like 37- 40 weeks by choice?  i know it sounds silly and quite dumb when you really think about it, but my husband s going on deployment soon.  It wouldnt be such a big deal but he leaves in November as far as we know, but he may be leaving sometime in October... We re due October 17th and i just know we may be cutting it real close.... it may sound selfish but this is baby number one and i figured i would just ask ... in the end i know that things will work themselves out for the better, but i dunno... 
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Re: silly question but figured i would ask

  • Ask your OB.

    It is not something I would choose to do, but only your OB can tell you whether or not they'd be willing to.

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  • Unless you have a medical reason to be induced, most doctors won't do it.  While 37 weeks is considered full term, a 37 week baby is going to be a lot more immature than a 39 or 40 weeker.  You might have more trouble BF a 37 weeker and you're more likely to end up with a c-section, since your body isn't ready to deliver your baby.  I hope that your baby comes before your DH leaves, but you need to let nature take it's course.
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  • Have sex and walk a lot.

    Semen dilates the cervix and walking helps- well; I dunno know what- but most ladies near full term walk their asses off and it helps them go into labor. (The ladies I know, anyway.)

    If it happens before he goes, then great... but I don't think your OB will agree to inducing 'just because.' Talk to your delivering hopsital to see if they have a camera setup and can film/live stream the birth for you. Some hospitals do this free of charge for spouses with deployed husbands.

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  • My OB was willing to induce at 38 weeks (providing I had an amnio to check for lung development first) because my DH was home for leave during that time. After hearing the risks, we declined. As much as it would have been great to have him there for the birth, it just wasn't worth putting LO in danger. FWIW, DS was born at 41 weeks, so he apparently needed a bit more time. You may find an OB that is willing to do it, but my suggestion is that you weigh the risks against your desire to have DH there before making any decisions. 
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  • NSLNSL member
    My MTF has a blanket policy of refusing to induce due to leave/upcoming deployments.  It's too risky for babies to be induced before they're ready, and many babies aren't even when they're considered "full term." 
  • Talk to your OB
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  • 1. Talk to your OB.  Some will induce (most not until at least 38-39 weeks) for deployments as long as an amnio comes back ok, some won't.  Definitely look into all the risks for your situation before deciding if that's something you want to.

    2. Talk to his unit.  I know my husband's unit for every single one of his 4 deployments, has let the soon-to-be daddies stay back if their baby was due within so many days of them leaving (usually within 20-30 days), and then join the unit in Iraq/Afghanistan on a later flight.  Of course this will depend on the individual unit, how many other soldiers in that unit have reasons to need to stay back and what those reasons are, and whether or not the unit is fully staffed.  I know ours has to be at 90% to deploy, and they were cutting it close this time so not all the guys that wanted to stay back for babies got to.  It came down to how many older kids each family had (first babies got priority), if the pregnancy was high risk, if he had missed any other births, etc.  And I'm not even sure if all units do this or not, but it's worth a shot to at least see if it's an option.

  • It's something you'll have to discuss with your doctor.  A lot of doctors will do it but there are some that refuse to unless there is a medical reason. 
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  • Ditto Leslie, perhaps your DH could be assigned to rear detachment for a couple of weeks to allow him to be there for the birth. My unit did this frequently.
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