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Questions for MoM's Who Tandem BF...

I've nursed two singleton babies for 1 yr. each so I have experience. I have been tandem BF'ing our boys since Day 1 and they are now 10 wks. old. I was sitting in a recliner with a pillow under a boppy (which worked very well in that chair). Now that they are bigger and I now have the EZ 2 Nurse Twins Pillow (which I love!) I have a few questions for those of you who have done this already:

1. How long did you tandem BF? Use this pillow?

2. Where did you nurse your babies with this pillow? Where did you pick the babies up from to position them?

I can sit on the floor easily but find it very hard to do in bed with the giant pillow on and positioning the babies on either side of you beforehand. I also find it hard on the couch b/c the babies are rolling over and I feel like they can fall off the couch too if I'm not extrememly careful and fast.

Any other helpful tips for using this pillow would be much appreciated:)


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Re: Questions for MoM's Who Tandem BF...

  • 1. I tandem BF until about 13 months.  Sometimes I had to do 1 at a time after 12 mo, but I tried to get it done both at the same time as often as I could.  I used the pillow up till the end!

    2. I usually did it on the couch or in our bed.  I had 2 boppys, one on either side of me and they would sit in there and I would grab them from there,  This did get much harder as they got older and could roll.  But for the most part I used that system.  Once they were too crazy I would sit on the floor so they didn't fall off the couch. 

    I found it really helpful to put the boppys (with the middle section touching my leg) under each side of the pillow while they nursed, it gave some good support. 

    Good luck and hang in there!  You are doing a great job mama!

  • I always used the EZ2 nurse with both of them on the couch or on the chair in their room when they were little and not rolling. BUT when they were more mobile I always had to do it on the floor. Not ideal, but I would put my back against the chair or ottoman with pillows behind me and then position them. At least they were more efficient eaters by that point and I wasn't on the floor feeding for too long! also, I tandem fed them up until a year... then it was too tough with all the eye gouging and stuff, so I just fed them one at a time after that (weaned at 14 months)
  • Thanks Girls! I guess I will stick to it in the recliner or on the floor. That seems to be easiest. I haven't placed them in the boppy's though before feeding so I will def. try that:) I guess I should be happy they are already eating in about 12 min. and they both are so in sync with one another. They always wake and eat within 5 min. of each other so that's good. Now I'm just looking forward to feedings longer than 2 hrs. apart during the day:) When does that happen again???
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  • 1. I use the EZ2Nurse and my babies are 7 months old. 

    2. I usually sit on the couch with an ottoman for my legs and a couple of pillows behind my back. I put the EZ2Nurse on the ottoman and lie a baby inside. I hold the other baby and sit down. Then I'll lift up the pillow and put it in position and put the baby I'm holding on it then the other one. Then they latch on. So far rolling hasn't been a problem.  


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  • I am nursing my twins(right this second) using the pillow at nearly 13 months. I have always sat on the couch, with an ottoman in front of me. When I am done, I just put them on the ottomon.  When they were little, they would just lay on the ottomon until I movec them. Once they could roll, I would have to keep my hand on them.  These days, they know how to get off the couch (feet first).  Couldnt be easier.
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