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Rough night w/ Nic

DH is gone for 9 days and Nic has been fussy and cranky since Sunday.  I tried putting him to bed at 7:45pm last night.  No go.  He stayed up w/ me until 9:30pm.  He cried less than 3 mins and fell asleep.  I went to sleep shortly after 10pm.  He woke up screaming at 1:40am.  Not crying, SCREAMING! MAMI, MAMI, MAMI.  I went in there thinking he was sick but all he wanted was out.  Even w/ me in the room he screamed.  We read a few books and put him back to sleep.  2 hours later, he is still screaming.  I finally took him back to bed w/ me but he never went into deep sleep.  He kept waking up every 20 mins and waking me up.  At 5:30am, I finally gave up and turned the TV on for him.  I stayed in bed until 6:30am.  He spiked a fever at around 4am, so I gave him so motrin, but it didn't help him sleep. 

 I have this important meeting at 8:30am and something due tomorrow so I need to go into work at least until 11am. Hopefully, the dr's office can see us this afternoon. 

I felt so frustrated b/c nothing worked and now I'm exhausted.

Sorry so long, but I needed to get it out. 

Re: Rough night w/ Nic

  • Hugs.  I hope he's okay.  Missing daddy is probably hard for him.
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  • I'm sorry. Single-parenting is HARD, especially with a night like that. Hope he gets back on track and you can get some rest & get your work finished.
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  • Oh that's tough. It sounds like it could be an ear infection.  I hope you get in with the doc today.
  • Yuck! Sorry you had such a rough night. Hope you guys can get to the doctor today and get him (and you) some relief.
  • DH was gone all last week too and we had the same thing happen.  Turned out to be an ear infection.  Hang in there - hopefully the dr will be able to give you an answer today. 
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  • Oh no! That sounds absolutely miserable! I hope Nic is feeling better soon, and that you both get a good nap today!

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  • Ugh, I'm sorry you had a bad night. Nolan had some bad nights last week, and it is exhausting. Hopefully a visit to the doctor will help you figure out what's wrong, and both you and Nic will be sleeping better soon!
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  • poor Nic and poor Mommy!! i hope he's feeling better soon and u are able to get into the doctor to figure out what is going on!! extra hugs!
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  • Must be something in the air last night, Jeremiah was up for over an hour sometime around 3ish...that is VERY odd for him!  I hope Nic is feeling better!
  • Thanks girls.  I have an appointment today at the pedi at 3pm.  I'm hoping it is an ear infection and we can knock it out.  I will hit somebody if it is another virus (thus nothing can be done).  Thank God the daycare lady took him for a few hours so I can get stuff done at work. I'll keep you guys updated.
  • Those nights are rough even when there are two of you to handle it. I hope the doc is able to help with some meds. Viruses are so frustrating! We have had a lot of those at our house this year. GL!
  • Update: took Nic to the dr's and it was another virus.  These viruses are driving me up a wall.  His throat is hurting, fever, runny nose and fussy.  I missed 4 days of work 2 weeks ago b/c he had a virus, missed a 4 days for vacation and now I'm having to miss more time at work b/c of this other virus.   I'm so glad that my job is so flexible but I feel so bad having to take off so much time.

    I'm treating myself to cookie dough ice cream and a glass of wine tonight.  

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