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Postpartum Depression

Thinking of #2 but still on Vitamin Z

Long story short, we tried for a very long time to have my daugher. She was a hellish newborn and I was terribly depressed. I had a fantasic OB who helped me through all these struggles and was ALWAYS one to go above and beyond for my care. She had written an RX for Zoloft and gave me a psych referral specializing in reproductive related depression. I really wanted to see her but we can't afford it. No one seems to take insurance. I have been taking the Zoloft and feel better than ever. Give that and my wonderful daughter, DH & I would like another. My doctor moved in June and I feel like my biggest and only health advocate is now gone. I dont' know who to talk to about this. Any advice?

Re: Thinking of #2 but still on Vitamin Z

  • I've found that great doctors usually recommend great doctors - call your old doc and get some referrals of docs in your area. I lost my doc too - called up the office when I got my bfp last week and was told she was on leave and they didn't know if/when she was coming back! Honestly, I was really disappointed and scared - but I'm seeing a new doc in the practice and am going in with an open mind.


  • I don't really know what you want to know or what exactly your questions are. You could always wean off of it if you feel that is best. Since I don't know your question exactly, I'll share my experience.

     I had just started taking Zoloft a few weeks before I became pregnant with baby #2 and I weaned off immediatly but when my symptons slammed right back into me I talked to my OBGYN who encouraged me to get back on Zoloft. Of all of that type of medication Zoloft has shown the least affect on children. And she told me that being extremely stressed and iritable wasn't good for the baby either so I went back on it. I've only been on the lowest dose and it works like a miracle for me. Now that DS #2 is 4 months I do worry that my medication has affected him because (not that I'm complaining) he is the happiest, easiest baby I have ever met and I have always been around a lot of babies, both DH and I come from huge families, have a huge church family and I belong to 4 different Mom's Groups. Everyone is shocked by how easy my son is. And my first son was much more difficult. How can I not worry that it is because I take Zoloft and what the affects will be on him when he stops nursing and is no longer receiving it through me.

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