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Anyone on Cymbalta?

Hi. I started Cymbalta last night for anxiety and depression. So far I'm feeling okay. I have a little bit of a bubbly stomach but nothing near morning sickness, and I feel really shakey but I'm not physically shaking. I was very sleepy when I took it and then I went to bed and slept 6 hours (normally need at least 9 hours to even open my eyes) and woke up on my own feeling very energized!

If you've been on Cymbalta, what was your experience like with it and what side effects did you have? TIA!

Re: Anyone on Cymbalta?

  • I have been on cymbalta for about 2 years now (except during my pg), and I absolutely love it. I am always surprised to hear that hardly anyone else on this board takes it.

    It does tend to make you a little bit shaky from time to time, but nothing horribly bad once you get used to it. I have NO side effects, unless I forget to take it. If I forget for just one day I start to feel very "trippy" Things will just stop making sense. I will get just generally confused, and then try to figure out what I'm so confused about, which only confuses me more. lol. KWIM?

    It also gives me a "brain zap" feeling when I move my head too fast or blink my eyes. If you've never felt these, they are hard to explain. If you ever feel them, you will know it.

    However, all in all, they have been excellent and have really and truly helped me to get my life back. I wish you the best!

    P.S. How many mg do you take daily? 

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