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The system at our hospital in the Women's clinic for answering the phone is ABSURD!!!!! It took me over 2 hours to finally talk to someone. Sorry I was getting super frustrated and thought maybe some of y'all have had to deal with this or maybe it is just at our army hospitals thing ::vent over::
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Re: Frustrated!!!

  • Nope!  Your lucky it only took 2 hours!  At our base we have to leave a message and they have 3 days to respond!  They consider anything else an emergency!
  • Nope. Pretty sure it's standard for all military hospitals. I got to DGMC and it takes days sometimes to get an appointment. It takes less time to just drive the fifteen minutes to the base and bug someone at the desk to make an appointment for me :P
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    I can't say I've ever had either of these problems at our MTF. 
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