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Hi ladies!

Well..its been a while..but just thought I'd let you know I had my baby!

Arabella Lynn was born on August 8th at 12:32 am. She was 8 lbs 8 oz and 20 1/2 inches long. I was induced...originally due on July 29th..so she was 10 days late. My induction went well..only took 8 hours...and I had a vaginal delivery with no problems!

Landyn was very hesitant about her at first, but he's warming up to her. And I'm actually able to get pictures of them together..finally. It's only taken him 2 weeks. haha.

How's everyone else doing?!


Oh..and here's her picture :)


Re: Hi ladies!

  • Grats!!! Nice chubby cheeks..a favorite trait of newborns. Glad to hear that you didn't have to have cesarean! You gotta change one of your tickers to her 1st birthday now. Do you have any advice or thoughts from the labor that might help me out? 
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  • awww! Congrats!  She's adorable!
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  • I'm not sure about advice, especially since everyone has different views on how they want their birthing experience to go.

    With both of mine, I didn't have a birth plan and just rolled with what happened. I got the epi because I wanted to be able to sleep and relax. Um, if you're planning on breastfeeding, try to see the L.C while you're in the hospital..and if you need help..ask the nurses and ask for the L.C. They really helped me out with the basics of breastfeeding.

    Sleep when the baby sleeps. I stayed up with DS when he was born and man was I a mess. Now with DD, I sleep when she does, and when both of them nap. Just get as much rest as you can!

    Overall, just enjoy the time you have when they're little..because they grow fast! And if you have any specific questions about anything..go ahead and ask :)

  • She is such a cutie!!  Thanks for checking in!

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