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Hand-Foot-Mouth ?

I'm pretty sure J has this. He's had no symptoms, but yesterday he had some blisters pop up on his fingers and today he has some in his mouth and on his toes. I'm waiting for a call back from the doctor, but it looks just like the pics I found on Google (which of course have to right...ha!).

I read that it's really contagious. So if your child has had this, what's the wait time until they are not infectious anymore? 

Pretty sure my plans for the week all just got cancelled...boo!! 

Re: Hand-Foot-Mouth ?

  • I can't remember exactly what she said for the time frame.  I think maybe it was like 48 hours after fever breaks or symptoms show? 

    Ben never had a full blown fever with it, but he started showing the blisters on Tuesday and he wasn't allowed back in daycare til Friday.

    My sweet boy :)
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  • Wesley had this about a month ago. Our pedi told us that he was contagious as long as he was running a fever, and to keep him out of daycare for at least 24 hours after the fever went away, but that the blisters/sores could remain for at least a week after that. He never had the blisters/sores on his hands/feet, but did have sores in the back of his throat. He also ran a fever of over 102F.

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  • Kids with hand, foot, and mouth are most contagious when the rash first starts and may be contagious until the rash goes away. I'm glad he's not miserable with this! Try to avoid any sour or salty foods that will irritate the sores in his mouth.
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