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Calling All Travis Expecting Mothers!

I'm usually lurking/posting on the Second Trimester Board, but I have a question for any ladies who have had or are having a baby while stationed at Travis AFB:

I do NOT want to have my baby at DGMC. I've just had so many wretched experiences with the hospital, and such inconsistent care from a different physician each time I've had an appointment thus far. I even had a referral to an out of town specialist for some critical condition and when I got to the specialists they said I was perfectly fine and really didn't need to be there. I just don't want my baby coming into the world in this environment, and I don't want to deal with that stress when I should be focusing on L&D.

Have any of you Travis ladies opted to give birth at North Bay, the nearest network provider? How was the care? I only know one lady who gave birth there (DGMC told her she was delivering three weeks premature, and since they have no neonatal unit they sent her to NB. NB told her that her baby was right on time, haha). She said that she loved the experience, but she had an epidural and I'm going the natural route.

If you did opt out of DGMC, how'd you handle it with TRICARE? I'm on prime but DH and I are willing to switch me to Standard if necessary...I just really need some opinions and input here. Help!

Thanks so so much 

Re: Calling All Travis Expecting Mothers!

  • Hello!

    Woah, hold on Bump!


    I did all my prenatal care at Travis DGMC. They were pretty worthless, and it sucked seeing a different doctor everytime.

    How far from Travis do you live? It may have an effect on what Tricare will cover.

    I ended up having my son at 35 weeks, which is considered premature, so thye shipped me out to North Bay. It took almost FIVE hours for Travis to get their crap together and get me over there. They stuck me in a tiny room with nothing but a happy face poster, and the nurse taking care of me was a biitch. It also took them 3 tries and two nurses to get my IV started. I was not a happy pregnant lady, and was so happy when they finally sent me out, even though the ambulance was more like a modified cargo van :P

    That said, I LOVED my experience at North Bay. Every single nurse I met was cheerful and helpful, including the wonderful angel who took my son for a bath and was nice enough to "show him off" for two hours so I could sleep.

    The minute I got to NB they gave me something for the pain, and she was in every single hour to check on me. The doctor pretty much just showed up for the "finale" but he was efficient. The nurses were helpful without being overbearing and I got tons of freebies :) They did his circumcision there at NB and Tricare covered it. When he had trouble nursing, they brought in a pump and gave me all the parts, which hook up to any medela pump, so I didn't have to buy any.

    If I were having any more children I would fight tooth and nail to have them at NB again, because I would make sure I wasn't having it at Travis :P

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  • They had you waiting 5 HOURS while going into labor before they finally started moving? COME ON. I mean, I know the labor process is just that, a process which takes time. But that doesn't give medical staff the right to waste your time. Unbelievable. 

    Your experience at DGMC sounds like it's right along the same lines as every experience I've had there so far. Thanks for your input, it makes me feel like I wasn't overreacting or anything! 

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  • You are not overreacting at all. Not just five hours in hard back labor, but five hours in labor with a PREEMIE. I was already 5 centimeters by the time they got me over to NB, which was 3am btw.

    One of my besties out here had her youngest daughter at Travis. She said it was a nightmare. They pretty much ignored her, and shunned her because she couldn't breastfeed. I'm assuming you are BFing, but if you aren't, don't tell them. They will blaze a scarlett F on your chest! lol. Granted, that was ten years ago, but still.

    But seriously, do what you have to do to get moved to NB. The total for my three day stay and vaginal delivery WITH drugs, and DS's circumcision, was only around $8,000. Tricare paid for mine, but it might give you an idea of cost if you change from prime to standard.

  • Ouch, that cost estimate if I transfer to TRICARE Standard.

    From what I understand, the exception claim I'd have to build to get them to willingly transfer me to NB is a pain in the butt. We only live 5.1 miles from the DGMC (11 mins according to google maps), and we live 2.4 miles from NB (7 mins). I'm assuming that's not enough of a difference to stand alone, and I doubt that citing "I can't stand your service, lack of scheduling ease, and I doubt some of the staff's abilities and response time" as reasons will make them like me and want to help. HAHA. Forgive me for hoping to go into labor just early enough for my baby to be considered a preemie, so that I have to be transferred.

    I'm going to try though. As hard as I can! 

  • As long as it is before 36 weeks, even just a day, they will transfer you out. Not that you should try and make yourself go into labor or anything, lol.

    Unless you are more than 50 miles from Travis, Tricare won't cover you switching hospitals :( You could try talking to the patient advocate (we had to do this in order to get approved for a consult for my son) and tell them you are unhappy and stressed at the constant rotation of doctors and their inability to schedule you properly. You can always ask them to help get you approved for another hospital, although I wouldn't hold my breath. At the very least though they can make things easier for you. After talking to the PA we got my DS's PCM changed and got three different consults approved.

     Good luck!

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