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Postpartum Depression

Daily Check In Wednesday

Hi ladies...


Today is a bad day for me. I did talk to our new parent worker, and took the depression screening again. I need to call my doctor now, but I'm not sure if I call the OB or a GP....Since I don't even have a GP right now. DH and I had it out and I told him that if he doesn't step up, I'm gone. If I have to do this on my own, I'm going to do it in my hometown where I atleast have enough connections to get a job.

Like was mentioned in yesterday's thread... I can't picture myself with anyone but him, but I can't take this anymore.


Re: Daily Check In Wednesday

  • Hi. I did not read your previous post but you can get help from your OB. They are used to dealing with PPD. I didn't have a primary care doc either. Good luck. I hope things get better.
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