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cost of adoption?

Hello. My sister has infertility issues and is considering adoption. We know it can be costly but I wanted to get an idea of just how expensive it can be. Any other tips on considering adoption for her and her husband would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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Re: cost of adoption?

  • The can vary by thousands of dollars according to the type of adoption you are looking at doing.  International can be $30,000-$40,000. 

    Domestic adoption can range from$10,000-40,000.  An agency sets the price based on a number of things such as assistance to the BM, legal fees, agency fees, etc.  Also, the race of the child is a factor.  Caucasian babies adoption fees are higher than African American or Bi-racial children.

    A private adoption done through an attorney can cost much less than what is mentioned above.

    We had a set agency fee of $40,000 but that didn't include our home study which was about $3,000 (including fees to the SW, fingerprinting, etc.) and travel expenses.

     Good Luck to your sister.  There are many books about adoption that are great and you can research a lot on the internet.

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  • The range is so wide it's hard to really give a ballpark figure. I suggest they do some research and see what kind of adoption works for their family, and take it from there. A lot of people start with a beginner book like Adoption for Dummies or The Idiot's Guide to adoption. has a podcast on adoption. Some agencies have seminars and/or webinars to describe the process.

    Foster to adopt can be free, or close to it. Domestic adoption can run from around $10K and up. International I'm not as familiar with, but we're talking tens of thousands typically.

    There are adoption grants out there, some companies provide adoption reimbursement, and there is the adoption tax credit.

    All things to keep in mind.

  • We are doing foster to adopt which is free, we only had to pay for fingerprinting. 
  • Look up fee schedules for adoption seems like I found a wide range when we were first looking.

    We did a private IA adoption and it was less than $7,000 but we only paid our exspense and DD was in foster care in Canada. Our case was very usual and the stress level was very high.

    Foster to adopt can be less expensive money wise but the emotional cost can be very high. I would have died if they took DD back after we finally had her home after 2 years of trying to get her here.

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