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Bleeding and 7 weeks pregnant- Help! :(



I really just have a question for anyone who has experience being a mom. I am 7 weeks pregnant today and I went in this morning to get some blood drawn to check my hcg levels and I am suppose to call my doctor tomorrow and see how things are going. I started spotting on Friday so I stayed home from work and only bled until Saturday. I did not bleed on Sunday and Monday but now I just started bleed again. I am sooo scared. I had a miscarriage almost two years ago now but I still get freaked out. Can someone please give me advice on if this is ok or what should I do? 

Re: Bleeding and 7 weeks pregnant- Help! :(

  • In your case I would call your Dr. or the Dr. on call for some reassurance and certainly try to take it easy.

    From what I've heard it depends on how much you are bleeding and if it is bright red. I have had friends and heard of many people who bleed throughout their first trimester. A good friend of mine blead off and on for her first 14 weeks.

     Thoughts and prayers are with you. I hope all is well.

  • Thank you so much! I will call them!
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  • When you are unsure... call your dr!  :)  It is so much better to be safe then sorry.  I always felt so bad calling about things but always felt better after I got off the phone. :)
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  • I agree with PPs about calling. Also, I have had a couple of friends who bled here and there throughout first tri. Its scary, but can be normal for some people. If it's alot, or bright bright red, then I would be more concerned than if its not.
  • I had bleeding on and off bright red from 6-8 weeks and then again at 21 weeks. It was really scary, but every time it happened I called my doctor and they checked things out with ultrasound and everything seemed fine. The explanation I got was possible cervical irritation and formation of placenta which is a very vascular process.

    I really hope the best for you. Do call your doctor though like the others say. It really will give piece of mind. 

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