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Postpartum Depression

What should I expect?

I have a doctor's appointment on Monday to talk about my PPD.  What should I expect? 

I'm afraid that I'm going to say something and they're going to push an emergency button.  Ya know, like the banks hit when someone's robbing them?  Except that this would go to CPS, or something like that.


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Re: What should I expect?

  • My doctor just listened to me explain how I was feeling. She asked a few questions...Am I BFing? (no) Did I have guilt about that? (not anymore) Have I taken time to myself? (yes) Was I ever diagnosed with depression pre-pregnancy? (no) And a few others. Then she gave me a prescription. It was pretty painless. Oh except my doc is pregnant and I was a blubbering new PPD mommy...that was a little weird! GL!
  • Oh I am so hoping it's that easy.  I'm just really nervous!
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  • Just go in and be honest about how you are feeling. I told her what was going on with me, she asked some follow up ?s and then we discussed medication. GL! Let me know how it goes!!
  • First, take a deep breath!  The good thing is that it is more common than we think.  Second, be honest - that is the best for you and your LO.  Fortunately for me, my doctor knew prior to delivery that I would be a likely candidate for PPD (I've had anxiety/depression for most of my adult life).  So, it wasn't a big deal for us.  For me, the best thing is to remember that you are doing this so you can be the best mommy possible.  If you are well and taking care of yourself, you can take even better care of your little one. 

    My doctor asked a lot of questions - she knew my history, so she knew the answers to that, but we talked about it.  She wanted to make sure that I had somewhat of a support system in place.  What I did is took the brochure/pamphlet they had at the hospital with a questionaire in it and took that with me to help bring it up.  It was really good to go into my appointment with the mindset of what the Dr would talk about.  Did I want to harm myself or baby?  Are the feelings getting worse?  Better...etc.  Maybe you could find a resource online that will help the conversation.  

     Good luck, you can do it!


  • Good luck. Just be honest......100% even if it ashames you. Things will start to get better so soon honey!!! 

  • Also (like you) I did worry they would take LO or something crazy ( I mean not really since SO was there) but she did however say that I couldn't be alone with LO; that felt like a dagger in my heart. But she just said it's because women with PPD are less likely to take care of themselves so they worry about the baby. But its just for reassurance and I mean I still had a bunch of alone time with LO while others cooked and cleaned. Take any hep you can get right now and the meds they will suggest, or maybe just therapy. But will hep so quickly!!

  • you'll be ok. Be honest and speak truthfully about what you're feeling. Meds and therapy helped me immensely. Our daughter is now 3 yrs. old and yes, I worry about baby #2 (no, i am not pregnant)..but , I worry about PPD returning with baby #2 if we choose to have one. But, help is out there and resources. use them ! you will be ok!
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