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Postpartum Depression

Daily Check In!

Here it is ladies!

I'm working hard not to feel overwhelmed, and still working on the courage to ask for help tomorrow. DH and I joined a New Parent Program and I've been wanting to ask for help, but haven't worked up the courage to do it yet.

We're moving on Sunday, thankfully I have my little sister here to help watch DS so I can pack and clean.

I took the week off of my job and my phone has been blowing up and so have the e-mails. Our event was this month and so far my 40 hours per month job has been over 100...

But on the bright side, new house=new adventure!!



Re: Daily Check In!

  • Yay!  Thank you for doing this!

     I, too, am in the process of selling our house and moving out of state, so I'm definitely overwhelmed with the whole process.  To top it off, my DH is commuting 2+ hours each way to his new job so I worry about his drive and I miss having him home around 3:30 every day.  

    I have become obsessed with cleaning the house and watering the lawn and feel bad because I just want to cuddle with my DD, especially since she is teething.  So, this week I have deemed cuddle week, which makes my DD and I very happy!!! 

    ***PgAL & PAL Welcome***

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  • Oh, I forgot to say that maybe we could do a facebook message update if this got too hard to check. I know that Penelopepink and I are friends on there, and if its just four of us, I'd be okay with adding everyone :) Let me know what you think!
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  • Hey! I'm glad you're doing this, my friend.

    Things are sort of back and forth with me.  My FI and I are on a "break"... which basically means, we are staying out of each other's way at home, I'm sleeping on the couch until DD's new full sized bed get's here.  I've been crying myself to sleep since this started on Sunday...

    I can't decide if I even want this to work.  There are just some things I need from a relationship that I'm not getting in this one.  I need a lot of affection and for my S/O to make me feel beautiful, needed, appreciated, etc.  I don't get any of it anymore.

    However, I do love him to death.  And he's the only person I can see myself growing old with.  I just wish he would change for the better...and soon.  Because I can't do this much longer.

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