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Postpartum Depression

Intro. Pristiq is Evil.

Hi all.  I was diagnosed with PPD and have been taking Pristiq for the past year.  I really wish it was easier to get off of this drug, but it has been very hard.

The first time I tried, I went every-other-day for 1 week and gave up.  I couldn't handle the side-effects.

Trying again now and doing better though these dizzy spells, mind zaps and anxiety.  The worst part so far was fainting from a panic attack earlier this week.

Wondering (hoping) that there's someone else who has been on Pristiq who can help me get through it. 

Re: Intro. Pristiq is Evil.

  • I'm so sorry that you are having those problems. I have been on pristiq for a year. I was on Effexor  which is like it's twin but I was put on Pristiq b/c it was said that the side effects weren't as bad. 

    Apparently coming off of Effexor is as bad a coming straigt off of heroin. ( I wouldn't know, just what I have heard) but that coming off pristiq wasn't as bad. 

    It really worries me now b/c I am 35 wks pregnant and didn't want this LO to go through what my DS did. 

    I would call your dr and come off of it as slow as possible. Good Luck!

  • Thanks and good luck to you too! 
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