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DH deployed when I was 37 weeks.  About a month later he came home which was 4 days after I had DS.  He came on emergency leave because DS was born with a life threatening defect and he could have died.  He was home for 2 weeks.  It came out of his leave dates which is totally fine.  I don't care about that because he was home. But, we were just emailing talking about post deployment leave and asked about PTAD and he said his higher up doesn't want to give him PTAD  because he came home.  Ummm, I think that is completley heartless.  He didn't come home for the fun of it.  He came  home because his newborn son could have died and the drs thought he might.  This is also the same person who said he didn't need to be home because there is nothing that he could do and the drs will do what they can and if he died it was meant to be.  If he doesn't get PTAD then okay fine we still have post leave. 

I think what aggravates me the most is his complete heartlessness.  Who says stuff like that??

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  • I'm sorry what is PTAD?

     and his higher up is a jerk to put it nicely.

  • Just remember that there is always someone higher.  He should go to the next person up and request that he gets PTAD.  It is diferent than a family emergency leave. Stupid jerkface. Super Angry
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