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Postpartum Depression

Feel like I'm going to have a panic attack

I've been suffering from PPD since DS was born. I'm on medication which they just increased a week ago. I just started a part time job last Thursday. My depression was getting better but now I have take a total turn for the worse. I feel like I really need to see someone about it. I don't at all have thoughts of hurting myself or my baby, but I feel like I can't function normally. Does anyone see a therapist? Does it help you?

Re: Feel like I'm going to have a panic attack

  • For me, therapy didn't help. My anxiety wasn't anything that I could "fix" by talking myself out of or whatever, it was a chemical imbalance - something I needed medication to regulate.

    Right after my baby was born, I started having anxiety and panic attacks. They didn't seem to be triggered by anything in particular, and they crippled me (couldn't eat, sleep or talk). I went to a psychiatrist who diagnosed me with PPA and started me on lexapro. The medicine kicked in after about a week and I felt like a normal person again. 

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  • I do both. The medicine has def helped more so but the therapy has as well. Good Luck

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  • I had what I thought was panic attackes during my last pregnancy and issues ever since. Turns out it was my reflux that got worse and my thyroid meds needed to be adjusted. I am finally starting to sleep again:) I would say anyone who has had a baby get that thyroid check! Many more women coming down with Thyroid issue because of  all sorts of stuff.



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