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Hello!!!  My name is Jami and my husband and I are fixing to start our second winter in Alaska....however I will be HUGELY pregnant.  I am due at the end of february.  I have been wondering what most Alaskan women wear for coats when they are in their second and third trimester in the mdidle of winter???  My normal jacket size is a small/medium....Should I jsut buy a large or do any of you have any other suggestions????  I know that this is super early but I have been curious!  Thank you for any suggestions/advice that you can have for me!!!!!

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  • I am due that same time and we live in Anchorage. That's a really good question.  This will be our second winter here as well.
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  • Congratulations!  I hope we can get a response or some advice because it definitely gets too cold here to just wear one of my old coats but not zipped up!!!!!!
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  • I was 8/9 months pregnant in Feb this past winter.  I never really wanted to wear a coat because I was so hot, I would just wear a hoodie and that was enough for me!  But, I also wore flip flops all winter, unless it was snowing :).  My regular jacket did fit though, but it was a bit snug when I zipped it up.

    They sell maternity jackets and coats at Motherhood Maternity, or you could try a longer jacket from Old Navy or Target that buttons in the front.  HTH!

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  • I was pregnant through my first winter in AK (had my DD at the end of May 2009) and I just wore a winter coat that was a size or two up from what I wore pre-pg and it worked just fine for when I needed it! Granted I wasn't hugely pregnant in the dead of winter, but I never needed a maternity specific coat at any point in my pregnancy - and as you know living here, it can stay pretty chilly even into April & May!
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  • I don't have a problem wearing a size or two up... I do have a maternity vest, but it really fits like a larger coat would.

    I suggest shopping for both larger and a maternity coat, and see which is cheaper!! That would be my choice.

  • I was another hot one...I didn't wear a winter coat most of the winter that I was pregnant.  I kept a couple of DH's hoodies and winter survival gear in my car, just in case.

    I live in Fairbanks...

  • well first off congradulations! I was pregnant last winter, and I wore a baggy coat, to wear I was comfortable because it was cold but I was HOTT.
  • My mom was also telling me how hot she was when she was in her 3rd trimester, so maybe we'll all be the same and not have to worry about the warm coats!  I'm due 4/1.  I'd also check out some of the 2nd hand stores, so you could pick one up for cheap and not worry when you don't use it!
  • That's a great suggestion.  I heard there is some second hand maternity store in Eagle River...I am not sure how good it is but I guess it is worth trying out!  I have also been looking on Craigslist!  Thanks for the advice!  Congratulations on your baby!
  • This will be my second winter here as well! I've had the same question running through my mind and actually was talking about it today as well. I live in Fairbanks, and I was actually thinking that I would try out Old Navy when my belly gets to be that size! They have a maternity section, maybe coats too in the winter? Otherwise the internet is a wonderful thing to have living here!

    Congrats and Good luck!

  • Belly Baby and Beyond is the baby store in Eagle River. I've never been there, but my preschool families who have say it's addicting. Be careful!! :) It's right off the Old Glenn by the car wash.

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