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Postpartum Depression

breastfeeding questions: lomotragine +welbutran

Sorry.  I'm not sure where to post this.  It's also very long.  sorry.


Prior to getting pregnant (for as long as i can remember) suffered from bipolar disorder and dissociative schizophrenia (non-debilitating).  These were managed mostly without meds (so clearly not that bad).

I had 2 miscarriages which added severe depression and manifest OCD.  i then got pregnant again only 5 weeks after the last mc and had significant complications right off the bat.

Things got really bad and my OB said if my baby survived, it would be similar to a crack baby because of postpartum withdraws from my depression.  I went to a psychiatrist and she wanted to hospitalize me immediately.  (btw this scared the crap out of me having always been able to manage my disease effectively.)

 I was put on Lomictal, Welbutran, and Valium.  I was able to avoid hospitalization and things are better now if not great.

My OB and psychiatrist have agreed that PPD is inevitable and want me immediately hospitalized after delivery since DH had to move 4.5 hours away for work.

I really want to be able to breastfeed but am not sure what combination of meds i could take that would be safe.  Clearly the valium is a no and the welbutran may cause seizures.  No one seems to know enough about lomictal to judge its safety.

Please, any suggestions? 

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