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School-Aged Children

Just curious.....

How many of you have school systems that run year round. (Just different times for some)

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Re: Just curious.....

  • Ours isn't, but I really wish it was.
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  • image StarAnnice:
    Ours is...we start the last week of July and end the very first week of June.  I love it!

    Since your summer vacation is shorter than most, do you get longer breaks or more breaks during the school year?

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  • We're late Aug through mid-June here.
    High School English teacher and mom of 2 kids:

    DD, born 9/06/00 -- 12th grade
    DS, born 8/25/04 -- 7th grade
  • The one we chose for DS isn't year round but there are a few in our city.  It probably would have made things easier in the summer for childcare if he was going year round.
  • We're basically modified year-round here. They got out last year on the last day of May and started the first of August (so they really only had June and July off). This year they're going all the way into June, but returning next year at the normal time, so it'll be a shorter summer. We also get 2 weeks off each in October and March and a loooong Christmas break.
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