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Postpartum Depression

how do you deal?

as a way of an intro, i have a(n almost) 7 week old daughter. she has always had trouble with feeding... she cries and fusses and i fear she isn't eating enough.

but this post isn't really about her and her feeding issues. it's about me. i have so much anxiety and depression over this. every day is such a struggle for me... i am still on maternity leave and i know i have to be strong for her and take care of her, but i just feel like a failure. when she doesn't eat, i feel like a failure. when she cries, i feel like a failure. when i try to play with her and i think she's smiling but then she spits up instead and starts crying-- i feel like a failure. i feel like i'm just not doing a good job for her, and i feel like i'm really suffering.

i try to have people visit me, but an hour long visit here or there can only do so much. my husband works all day and goes to school and i don't have any of my own family in the area.

so how do you deal?

Re: how do you deal?

  • I feel alone too......


    My family and friends mostly live an hour away. Besides therapy and anti anxiety meds(which literally made me human again) try a journal.

    I started mine by writing the intro as to how LO was conceived and my pregnancy. Now everyday I write down the things I do GOOD (bath her, kiss her, calm her, etc......) then later I write what I need to work on (but only one thing at a time)

    Best advice my therapist gave me is just be kind to yourself...... your not a failure ur a MOM. And if u have time take a bath, meditate and try to exercise. all things that can help. GL. let me know if i can help at all 

  • You are not a failure.

    I have suffered with depression off and on since high school. I have been on antidepressants since I was 32w and they have seriously made the biggest difference.

    It also definitely helps to get out of the house every day. 


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