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Piece of LO's gum hanging down?

I am reposting this from 6-9 thinking maybe some Mom's over here may have experienced this since LO's are older with more teeth. My LO has a piece of his gum hanging down from where the next tooth should appear on top. He has his 2 bottom and 2 top teeth thus far, so this is the next set to come in next to the front teeth.

It looks horrible, kind of like a big skin tag in the mouth. And it's blood filled looking. Called the nurse and she said wait it out till Monday. I am thinking it's got to fall off at some point. Anyone see anything like this in their LO's mouth while teething? LO seems to be just fine, it looks painful, but thankfully he is showing no signs of pain. 

Re: Piece of LO's gum hanging down?

  • My Lo had a piece hanging down for a day or two when he started getting his molars.  He also had some bleeding with it.  It cleared up pretty quickly though.
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  • My DD had a small piece of her gum flapping around when she got one of the top middle teeth.  It never seemed to bother her and I guess I don't know if it fell off or what.  It was just there one day and there was a tooth poking through the next day.

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