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daycare or babysitter

does anyone have any recommendation?  i will be back at work in september and am looking for what to do for baby care.

Re: daycare or babysitter

  • That's really a personal decision.  A nanny is the most expensive, and you could also do an in home daycare or a center.  There are church daycares too.  The range is so different based on various factors.  We have a nanny that comes to our house every day.  She's about 2K/month, but the more experienced they are the higher that amount will be.  In home/centers would be most likely less.

    Parent Connection is $20/year and they have a bunch of resources.  GL its such a hard thing!

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  • I like my daughter's daycare- Childtime and I've heard good things about Kindercare and as well.
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