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Age for Sesame Place?

At what age would you suggest taking a LO to Sesame Place?  This year may be too early for DD, but I wanted to get opinions as I have never been there.


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Re: Age for Sesame Place?

  • We took DS last year when he was 3 and a half and it was perfect!  He wasn't afraid of the characters, he was so excited and just absolutely loved it!  It was a semi-rainy day when we went so there were no lines but it cleared up enough for the water rides.  Before 3 my son wouldn't have gotten much out of it. 
  • in my honest opinion- no less than two. 3 ideally.
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  • We went last year when DS was 1-1/2...he was a little too little :). We're going to try it this year again though and I think he'll like it much more.
  • my son is 17m and we took him 2w ago...he loved it! went on rides took pics with elmo and bert & ernie... i guess it depends on your child
  • Took my son a few months ago he was almost 1 1/2 and he LOVED it. he went on rides, watched the shows!
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