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NBR: USAA Auto Insurance Overseas

DH has had USAA auto insurance since he commissioned 5 years ago. He called them in April before we moved overseas and they said they offered a program where they would keep you on for $5/year while overseas (and not driving) so you don't show a gap in coverage. 

He called them earlier to switch to that plan now that we are here and they are telling him he doesn't qualify, after they offered it to him a 3 months ago.

Anyone have any experience with this program or know what the requirements are? 

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Re: NBR: USAA Auto Insurance Overseas

  • Keep calling and if they don't comply ask for the next person higher than them. Write thier names down too (this has helped me in a few situations) GL

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  • Hmm...that sounds a little off since things can still happen when it is stored.  When we had our coverage changed when we were not using our car it dropped a lot, but nowhere near $5 a year.  Is your car in the US for storage?  If that was indeed what they quoted you do you know who it was you talked to or anything like that?  Like PP said you can try again and speak to someone higher up.
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  • Hmm.  That seems strange because I've always gotten such good customer service with USAA.  My guess is that the person who offered in the first place, shouldn't have offered it.  I'm wondering if he didn't have all the facts about your situation and assumed you'd qualify but now it ends up that you don't?  Also, I agree with pp that $5 a year seems extremely low, even if you're not driving.  I'm assuming you didn't ship your car overseas and that is why you're needing this coverage?  I'd talk to someone higher up and see what is going on.  USAA is a great company and I imagine they'd be interested in rectifying any situation involving poor customer service.
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  • We pay five dollars a year. That went into effect before we moved here. You do not need to have american insurance that is stateside when overseas because we have to pay a different kind overseas insurance. For example in Okinawa every year we pay for american insurance. It is one company and all military on island must use it. Then every other year we pay for JCI which is the japanese insurance. So for me $5 is too much when we pay 800 dollars for JCI plus 600 dollars for the american insurance, but we pay it so we have that continuation of "insurance" stateside. If I recall too we had to sign up before we moved to japan. The $5 is absolutely correct in your details except not driving part. So that maybe the problem if you are already overseas. So I suggest calling again and see if you get the same response and ask why if it is the same. 
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